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Environment and Community Oriented Tourism - GHANA

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We are Tom and Jo, a young English couple with a passion for travel and a love of Africa. Over the years we have spent much of our time travelling around the world dreaming about creating our own guesthouse. What started as a travellers dream began to colour our conversation more and more frequently when we were back home working. Then one day one of us challenged the other: Why don't we actually do it? Let's open 'our' guesthouse, let's stop talking about it and really do it. A holiday to Ghana confirmed that this was the ideal country for our planned enterprise and two years later we found ourselves back in Ghana. When we arrived, we had no idea where we would base ourselves. Finally, after combing the coastline, we found the ideal spot in the Western Region: a beautiful beach, close to a friendly community with the opportunity for many interesting tours and the potential for conservation and community projects. We are very comfortable and very happy here. We now have two kids who we are bringing up on the beach: Amali Afia and Ashton Kwasi. Amali and Ashton are very happy to be growing up in this gorgeous beach environment.


Mission Statement

We aim to create a comfortable atmosphere where guests can learn about Ghanaian culture, whilst minimising the negative impact on the environment. Our belief is that tourism can have a positive influence on the local area. It is important to us to involve the local community in the development and management of Green Turtle Lodge and that the community benefits financially, socially and environmentally.

We have a fantastic team of staff at Green Turtle Lodge, all of whom come from the local community. They will look after you and help make your stay at the lodge more enjoyable and memorable. Job creation is very important to us and over the years as Green Turtle has grown, so has our team of staff; we currently employ 30 people. We have a great relationship with our staff which has helped us to form a sound relationship with the local community which has proved to be mutually beneficial.

Green Turtle Lodge