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Environment and Community Oriented Tourism - GHANA

NEW Phone No. 00233264893566 (Call 9am-5pm. Sms text message only after 5pm)

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Live the life of Riley!

Do you want to start afresh? Enjoy a stress-free way of life? Live on a beautiful tropical beach? Wake every morning to the sound of waves lapping on the shore? Look out the window at the sun sparkling through the leaves of your very own coconut palms?

Buy our beach, our lodge and our business and leave all the hassles of modern life behind. Live a relaxed, beachside existence whilst making an income from a morally and environmentally sound business.

We are selling prime beachfront land on a pristine, palm-lined, tropical beach; a fully established and well functioning, popular eco-lodge with restaurant and bar and a registered and reputable business.

Serious buyers who are interested in more information should contact Jo Miles by email:

It is an amazing lifestyle, so why did we leave? Well, we lived in Ghana for almost ten years now which is longer than we had originally planned. We had begun to miss our home, friends and family. We have two beautiful children who have had an amazing, life-changing experience growing up on a paradise beach. Right now we want them to be closer to their family. Education was also an important factor in our decision making. It is difficult to explain, but we just felt ready to go back home. We loved living in Ghana. Building and running Green Turtle Lodge has been an experience of a lifetime. We have lived a life only dreamed of by most people. It has created friendships and memories that will be with us forever. We love Ghana and will always come back and visit. But for now we are ready to be at home. So we are ready to sell. Maybe now it is your turn...