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Environment and Community Oriented Tourism - GHANA

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Green Turtle Lodge is ideally situated for both relaxation and for exploration of the surrounding area. There is plenty to do and see in the local area and we offer some organised tours to make this more accessible to visitors.

Canoe Trip
Our most popular tour. Take a dugout canoe to ride through the mangroves of the Ezile river and marvel at the fascinating eco-system, prolific with bird life and butterflies and with the chance of seeing monkeys.

Turtle ConservtionTurtle Conservation
During turtle nesting season (September to March) it is possible to see marine turtles nesting on Akwidaa beach. At Green Turtle Lodge we have initiated a turtle conservation project to try to protect these endangered species. We employ 6 members of the community to patrol the beach every night in nesting season, as a deterrent to poachers and to collect research for conservation in Ghana. There is also a guide on duty every night to take guests from the lodge on a Turtle Night Hike to search for nesting sea turtles. 100% of the cost of the Turtle Night Hike goes directly to turtle conservation.

A Leatherback turtle returns to the sea after laying her eggs on the beach at Green Turtle Lodge


Hiking Trails
We organise locally-guided hiking trips along scenic coastal paths or into the Cape Three Points Forest Reserve to explore the rich biodiversity of the rainforest. Or choose a route through the rubber plantation and see rubber being collected before you venture into the bamboo forest and negotiate the locally constructed bamboo bridges, ending the walk at the fishing village of Dixcove where you can visit Fort Metal Cross and see the picturesque harbour dotted with colourful fishing boats.






Cultural Tours
Immerse yourself in the local culture and learn a little more about the history and
traditions of Ghana. With a local guide you can take a tour of Akwidaa fishing village, visit the village schools and meet the chief, or walk to the ruins of Fort Dorothea. You can test your strength and stamina by pounding fu-fu in the village.



While staying at Green Turtle Lodge you can have fun on the beach by borrowing our sports and beach games equipment, such as football, table tennis, table football, beach ball, body-
boards, kites and more. Or why not challenge the Green Turtle staff to a game of volleyball?





We also have a book swap and a selection of board games to use in the comfort and shade of the bar.

The bar at Green Turtle has a relaxed feel but we also know how to throw a party. We often host nights of traditional drumming and dancing and we love to end a party with a bonfire on the beach.

Traditional drumming and dancing night at Green Turtle & Watching Ghana score a goal during the Africa Cup of Nations

Other Activities
At Green Turtle there is something to suit everyone. If you are not exhausted after going on hike or playing beach games, why not play frisbee with tireless Maya the dog! Surfers can try the breaks at Cape Three Points or LP. If you simply feel like resting then why not relax in a hammock with a book, or top up your tan on the deserted, hassle-free beach.


More Unusual Activities
This stunning, paradisical setting is a perfect place to propose to your partner! We've had three people propose on our beach so far. Of course, a tropical, palm-fringed beach is also the ideal location for a wedding! We have had five couples get married at Green Turtle. So if you fancy breaking from tradition and want to have a relaxed, tropical, beach wedding then why not choose Green Turtle as the venue when you get married?

At the palm tree 'altar' at Green Turtle

Green Turtle Lodge